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Hello! My name is Audrey Rogers and I am the owner and operator of Hurst Embroidery. This venture started out on my dining room table after my first son was born about a decade ago.


In my previous life, I was a mining engineer in the Chicago area. After becoming a mom, however, that schedule didn't allow for me to spend much time with my family.


So, I bought a small embroidery machine not knowing a single thing about how to operate it. After a few mishaps and a few YouTube videos, I was embroidering anything that wasn't nailed down.

After a few moves that took our growing family to Houston, St. Louis and finally to Colorado Springs, my experience grew, as did my love of sewing.

That small embroidery machine is long gone, replaced several times by faster, more powerful equipment. Today, I accommodate large and small business orders, as well as unique boutique-style outfits. My four children and supportive husband have encouraged me every step of the way.


I appreciate my customers and love making the world a more colorful place, stitch by stitch. 

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